Caring Homes For SeniorsCaring Homes for Seniors
aka Caregivers for the Elderly

Everyone's first choice is to stay at home, but when that is not possible we are a nice alternative. Caring Homes For Seniors is a small but growing network of private homes in the Upper Cumberland area of TN providing Alternative Living In A Family Setting. Homes are also located on Cape Cod, MA.

We at Caring Homes For Seniors open our homes to individuals with physical and/or cognitive impairments, chronic, progressive diseases or are in hospice care. We provide a safe nurturing environment with 24-hour supervision in a family setting.


CARING is an important part of every service we provide.
Are YOU are a potential Resident or Caregiver?

More Resident Benefits

  • You will become an integral part of the CARING HOMES' family, sharing meals, some outings and activities.
  • Your own family members and friends are welcome to drop in at reasonable hours.
  • Your individual food preferences and dietary needs will have special attention.
  • You will have regular laundry service, and home appointments with a hairdresser.
  • Arrangements will be made for medical care.

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