Testimonials from Caring Homes for Seniors Families

Christine M. Davis

 I can not say enough good things about Caring Homes for Seniors. Dad expressed the concept pretty well on Christmas, 2001 at the evening meal. Our caretakers, the Rivera family, had gone to New Jersey to be with relatives for a few days and my husband Tom and I were taking care of dad at their home. We prepared an evening meal for all 7 of us for their return home. As we wheeled dad out to the kitchen, he remarked, "You take two families and one old grandfather. Now we are all one big family. It's a remarkable achievement. I don't know how you've managed it."

As you know, Dad entered your program on June 27th after having been in a nursing home for 7 months. He had been in the nursing facility after suffering a stroke (his 4th with severe hemorrhaging in his brain) which left him incapacitated, with dementia and aphasia (inability to complete sentences or to find the right word). While in the facility he had taken over 200 falls and was bruised from head to foot (the falls had occurred while attempting to take himself to the bathroom). He was angry and frustrated at his loss of mobility and control and would sometimes have tantrums and shouting tirades.

The day he was transported to the Rivera's home, he was nervous, apprehensive, and pretty terrified about what might happen next. He indicated to me that perhaps I should have left him in the nursing home because he was at least used to the routine.

The change is quite remarkable. Dad is now surrounded by a loving family who cares for him better than his own children ever could. He receives nutritious, wonderful food (with plenty of variety), is kept meticulously clean, is included in family outings (he went to Barnstable Fair, the beach, church, and several other places last summer). He gets special treatment in the form of massages, kisses, hugs and inclusion. There is real respect and affection for him from all members of the family. The kids (now 14 and 10) are great and truly welcomed him as a grandfather. They share their experiences with him, their homework (sometimes), their snacks, fruit, yogurt, etc. He helped to decorate the Christmas tree during the holidays.

While dad initially verbalized wanting to be in his own home, I think he now realizes how well off he is. I would have to pay triple the price of what I am paying for the care he is getting if we tried to have him in his own home with round the clock nurses, aides, and household assistants - and I am not sure if he would be free from elder abuse.

I am so grateful to Caring Homes for Seniors for providing a much needed service for families in time of crisis and ongoing need. The Mamonas family and the Rivera family are really now one unit. We all regard our caretakers with the utmost admiration and respect. When we see how comfortable and relaxed my dad is, we know for certain that we have made not only the right choice, but the best choice for him concerning his daily care.

If anyone from your agency needs a referral or personal recommendation, I would be more than happy to provide same.

Most Sincerely,

Christine M. Davis (daughter)
Mrs. Thomas J. Cravens