Testimonials from Caring Homes for Seniors Families

D.B. Greenman

As discussed, I am writing to provide you with some hands on experience with Caring Homes for Seniors. As you know, the director is Sandy Amaral. I first became acquainted with Sandy and Caring Homes for Seniors through a referral from Attorney Martha Ramsey. I had sought advice from her regarding estate preservation last October, as my dad was facing the prospect of nursing care. It was a time of more than a little frustration because I did not want to see him in a nursing home setting. Martha recommended Caring Homes for Seniors as a viable, affordable alternative. Explaining that the program provides care in a private home, I admit to being somewhat skeptical.

I nevertheless contacted Sandy for information on the structure of the program. I expected the usual maze of layers and paperwork common to the nursing home industry, but Caring Homes for Seniors' approach is simple and straightforward. It provides that the individual being cared for is "adopted" by his or her host family. Caring Homes for Seniors serves as a clearing house, connecting people in need of nursing care with families that care. I understand that the caregivers involved all have nursing skills. Sandy, who is an RN, interfaces with all medical services to ensure the individual is not medically isolated. Regarding expense, my dad was private pay. I don't know if there are any Medicare or Medicaid benefits that apply, but the program is affordable.

Regarding the care provided, I can't say enough good things about this service. I was referred to one of Caring Homes for Seniors' families, the home of Renee Woods. I met her before signing up and was immediately impressed with her warmth and expressed desire to take care of my dad. She warned that he would become part of her family. I admit to still being a little skeptical, but my gut said this was good. I committed to the program last November.

My dad, who was approaching his 98th year, was still lucid and aware, but his body was giving out. This can almost be a cruelty because thoughts of what used to be are still present. I'm sure that's one of the principle causes of depression in the elderly. So I was concerned that he would suffer the consequences of this, as the end approached. But, it was not allowed in Renee's home. She and her family created such a positive atmosphere and involved him to such an extent in the family's activities that living there became a reason to enjoy life, as opposed to negatively dwelling on the past. I saw an immediate improvement in his demeanor: he was measurably more positive and sociable. It was the best.

My dad was with Renee until January 19, when he passed away. The best one can hope for in a nursing home setting is that the patient is adequately cared for. In this setting, not only was he adequately cared for, he was loved as a family member. There was a spirituality present that no nursing home could provide. For that, I am deeply grateful. It was the best last two months a guy could have!

Before I get too evangelical, I'd better stop. I have enclosed some information for your perusal and encourage you to contact Sandy to learn about the program firsthand. I have to believe there is some common ground that can be shared. I will be happy to talk to you directly, if you wish to discuss further. I can be reached at 507 862 6452 or 508 428 7253


D.B. Greenman